Monday, July 14, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day #1 (for real this time)

I tried very hard to remember to take pictures today but I forgot to take a picture of my lunch. I'll admit I had a snack size Crunch chocolate crunch bar when I got home from work and a few dried apricots... my sweet tooth was killing me! I didn't feel starving all day as one might think. I ate every 2 to 3 hours depending when my breaks were scheduled (I can't just eat whenever I want). I usually get really hungry between lunch and afternoon snack. I also had some sliced strawberries with dinner. I did PiYo define upper tonight so it is a bit of a rest day for me. I'm also out to purchase a foam roller tonight so I have some sort of hope to run without injuring myself on Saturday :/

7:20 AM Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, half a banana with cinnamon, dry cereal

10:00 AM Morning snack: cottage cheese and strawberries

12:20 PM Lunch: fresh salad with mushrooms, red onion, and tomato, chicken breast and sweet potato

3:10 PMAfternoon snack: roasted garlic hummus, baby carrots, and bell peppers.

6:45 PM Dinner: bbq'd chicken breast with the 21 Day Fix Mediterranean seasoning, romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mushroom. Lemon poppyseed dressing which is not from 21 Day Fix but I haven't made any of the dressings yet.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer challenges

Alright... so my last post was about recommitting to the 21 Day Fix diet but I was defeated again. Sugary treats and unhealthy dinners are going to be my demise. But I refuse to quit trying.

For workouts I've been doing the challenge from my friend's website, HIITmx. You sign up and you get an email every day that has your workout break down (in English, even those his website is in Spanish. If you use Google Chrome is has the option to translate it.) His workouts are awesome! They work every body part and my abs are getting more defined just in the short time I've been doing the videos. Some days I do 6 rounds for a 40 minute workout and some days I'll do 4 rounds and pair it with a Beachbody video (Focus T25, Turbo Fire, PiYo).

I haven't run since last Sunday because my knee is still causing pain. I've been told that it is because my IT band it tight and it's causing pressure on my arthritic knee. I've been doing more stretching but it hasn't helped enough so that I can run. I have a 5K next weekend too! OMG. I'm nervous because I don't know if my knee will be better by then. Perhaps I need to purchase a foam roller...

I have my containers ready on my counter for my food prep, my groceries all purchased, and I'm grilling up some chicken breasts on the BBQ at my mom's place for my lunches and dinners this week. I am avoiding some foods for health reasons so here is what my meal plan looks like for the week:

Breakfast: two eggs, cereal or a pancake, and fruit (I bought bananas, strawberries, and apples.)
Snack: yogurt or cottage cheese, fruit
Lunchchicken or fish, fresh salad with dressing, and sweet potatoes
Snack: raw carrots, bell peppers, and hummus
Dinner: chicken or fish, fresh salad with dressing

Some people might say that I'm a bad example because I have no will power and continue to ruin my progress with bad decisions HOWEVER, I feel like I can be called a good example for always getting back up after being knocked down. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!